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  • 10/4/2021

    Registration is Open!!

    1) Click on the registration tab on the top left of this MSAA ArbiterSports page. If you are an existing arbiter user, you must log out of your account before beginning these steps.

    2) Select all sports for which you wish to register and click the REGISTER button.

    3) Follow directions and complete all information and consents.  If you already have an Arbiter account, it will recognize your email once you type it in, then follow all directions.

    How do you know if you have been approved?

    To check for background check approval status, sign in to your personal Arbiter account.  In the Central Hub area select the Eligibility Tab.

    If you are listed as eligible for your selected sport(s), your background check has been completed and approved.  If no status is indicated, your approval is still in process.

    How can I request a copy of the background check report?

    The officials can request a copy of the report to
    Phone (801) 307-4100 or (866) 223-8822.


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